Digitalization of purchase: new real-time price comparison platform for major enterprises

✓ PSG announces cooperation with Crowdfox
✓ B2B assortment with more than 100 million articles is generated
✓ customized platform for the cost-saving One Creditor Model
✓ seamless integration into the enterprise’s IT

Cologne, October 15th 2018. Procurement with digital processes means for users and traders: shaping purchase and sale as efficient as possible. This is the aim of the cooperation of Crowdfox Professional, the first comparing platform for major enterprises, with PSG Procurement Services, the leading service provider for digital procurement. The two enterprises will generate a turnover of approx. € 250 million, so already today they are major players within this line of business.

Many commercial enterprises have a restricted digital range because they are able to acquire customers only individually. A further difficulty is the effort when building up a creditor relationship. Especially for a listing with major enterprises and affiliated groups huge obstacles need to be cleared. Amongst them there are tender offers and time consuming IT implementations in order to gain access to the procurement systems.

Great potential sales volume for traders

The market potential with major enterprises is tremendous. In Germany there are more than 1,500 companies having a turnover starting from half a billion Euros annually. Their part in the whole purchasing volume of the B2B sector is about 39 percent. When winning over one of these major customers one can increase one’s turnover immensely at one blow. For many traders this potential sales volume was unattainable so far. However, this has changed; with Crowdfox Professional every supplier of quality has the possibility to provide his portfolio without complicated tendering procedures and technical integration.

Enterprises can reduce process costs significant in the area of indirect spend

The cooperation between PSG and Crowdfox enlarges the comparing platform by a deep Procure-to- Pay-Integration. Through that, the users are able to compare more than 100 million articles in real time. The solution by Crowdfox and PSG that actually was developed together with enterprises creates a direct order within the entity's own systems. Here, customers use the efficient One Creditor Model and can reduce process costs considerably.

Easy technical connection

For traders the new comparing platform opens a huge market potential with affiliated groups and other major companies. Because of customized catalogues they can increase their turnover without margin losses. The technical connection is uncomplicated and fast. Within a few days traders can use the platform.

Through the uniform item number UTIN (Unique Trade Item Number) there are fair selling opportunities. The items in the product portal are displayed homogenously, the Crowdfox user can see every trader at all times. An innovative semantic search is able to find any seller for a specific product. the compact B2B platform offers a realtime price comparison and is already implemented on the market for one year. Now, the platform is introduced publicly. Crowdfox already was able to gain 40 major companies and DAX Enterprises as customers. For the last months further 420 major companies have shown an interest to the new real-time comparing platform. A worldwide unique innovation in the digitalization of purchase originates by the integration of the platform with the digital procurement solution of PSG.

Advantages of Crowdfox Professional for traders

  • access and listing with DAX enterprises, major enterprises and medium-sized companies
  • high ordered quantity, huge potential sales volume
  • sell without the usual extensive tendering procedures
  • uncomplicated and fast technical connection within few days
  • no single or monthly fixed costs for listing and technical integration
  • place your high-power assortment and sell margin-optimized via the Crowdfox-Seller-Center

Advantages of Crowdfox Professional for major enterprises

  • increase of the E-Ordering-Rate and reduction of expensive free text orders
  • decrease of the processs costs in the Procure-to-Pay-Process through the One Creditor Model
  • a considerable diversification without creditor inflation
  • a considerable simplified product search for staff through uniform items (UTIN® = Unique Trade Item Number)
  • a deep integration of the Crowdfox-Professional-Platform into in customer-owned procurement systems
  • availability and inventory data in realtime through the Crowdfox-Catalogue-Cloud

Wolfgang Lang, CEO of Crowdfox, comments: “With Crowdfox Professional we realized the first price comparing portal for major enterprises. Through this, they save when purchasing – especially because of the comparison of costs and benefits, Joint-Procurement and E-Tendering. Sellers are given the possibility to be listed directly with the enterprises and the biggest companies. This is unique and seemed to be impossible for quite a long time. With Crowdfox Professional both parts win – traders and enterprises.”

Michael Kofler, CEO of PSG, stated regarding the cooperation with Crowdfox: “The combination of the innovative Crowdfox-Professional-Solution with the proven technological and operative services of PSG in the indirect purchase for big and medium-sized enterprises brings a benefit for the buying major companies, as well as the participating suppliers that has never existed before. Fair competition, best possible prices, highly efficient processes for all participants and market driven, dynamic pricing possibilities and all of this from one source. PSG is looking forward to being able to actively shape this game changer.”

About PSG

PSG is the leading service provider in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the field of Indirect Spend for a professional and efficient digitalized procurement and develops integrated solutions for the operative buying department. Since 1991 the group of companies offers highly professional operative and systematic procurement services. Today, she worldwide successfully holds her ground with a unique combination of catalogue and transaction platform, the market place offer and the services in the field of spot-buy through PSG-Spot Buy in the One Creditor Model. With more than 300 customers from industry, financial world and service as well as a share in the market of almost 30 percent with the DAX companies the full-service provider’s performance convinces. Through the transaction platforms of PSG globally more than 100,000 users are already fastened, who annually generate more than 200.000 orders. With over 75.000 suppliers and more than 15 million catalogue items PSG reaches a cover for demand of over 90 percent with new customer projects. More information at

About Crowdfox

Crowdfox Professional is the worldwide first real-time comparing platform for major enterprises. On the compact and individualized B2B platform offers like DAX enterprises, major companies and medium-sized enterprises the possibility to compare items from thousands of quality proven suppliers with real-time prices, delivery times and availability since 2017. Suppliers gain access to the new customers with high ordered quantities and great potential sales volume without complicated tendering procedures. Crowdfox Professional is the worldwide unique innovation in the Digitalization of purchase: within a few minutes supplier catalogues are imported into the customer’s Crowdfox catalogue cloud. Through the summing up of identical items into a purpose-built Unique Trade Item Number (UTIN) the suppliers’ items are unambiguously comparable for the first time. Also the consolidated billing of different suppliers through only one creditor reduces the effort in the Procure-to-Pay-Process. Already 40 major enterprises and DAX Companies were able to optimize their purchase through Crowdfox Professional and reduce costs. Crowdfox GmbH was founded in 2013. Founder and CEO is Wolfgang Lang. Further information to Crowdfox Professional at

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