AI is the truly relevant Milestone

Digitalization was just the Beginning

As an innovation leader Crowdfox has been helping corporations and SMEs to improve their indirect purchasing processes, increase usability for users, create transparency and reduce costs since 2014.


Now we are taking the next step:

We are developing the first procurement chatbot that finds the right items in your SRM system based on questions instead of catalog searches and free text orders in order to execute the optimal order in seconds.

Your advantages with Crowdfox at a glance

Shopping with AI

Anyone can buy – intuitive UX in combination with ChatCFX immediately creates high user acceptance, no complex change management process necessary

Maximum Transparency

Price, quality, delivery time, ESG criteria fully comparable between all existing marketplaces and suppliers

Higher Quality in the Ordering Process

Shorter order times, fewer order errors, minimal intervention by strategic purchasing

Measurable Savings

In processes and purchased items – because innovation must not only spark enthusiasm, but also make a real contribution to business

Lower CO2 Footprint

Through ESG comparability, orders with a lower CO2 impact can be consciously triggered

No Requirements

Full integration of the chatbot ChatCFX and UTIN® technology into all existing SRM systems, platforms and user interfaces

How Crowdfox improves your Indirect Purchasing


Your Supplier-Relationship-Management-System (SRM system) is the day-to-day companion of your procurement department. And it doesn’t always make things easy for you: complicated operation, time-consuming searches, inadequate content and a lack of transparency are just some of the factors you have to deal with.

Crowdfox recognized these challenges back in 2014 and set itself the goal:

We increase the quality of the ordering process and significantly reduce costs in C-parts purchasing.

To this purpose, we have developed a software that can easily be connected to your SRM system and will make purchasing as convenient and efficient as if your buyers were shopping on Amazon.

Our technology: Based on more than 1 billion data records, our software assigns each item a Unique Trade Item Number (UTIN®) that creates immediate comparability between all of a company’s approved suppliers and marketplaces.

All too often, technology and innovation fail due to user acceptance: that’s why we offer a user interface that creates the same shopping experience for companies as for private purchases on the Internet. Intuitive, simple and connected to any standard SRM system. And in future controlled by our smart AI chatbot ChatCFX.

eProcurement that not only everyone can use, but everyone wants to use – because it is simple because it is simple, because it is efficient, because it makes purchasing better.

UTIN® – The Crowdfox Matching Technology

Using semantic analysis, Crowdfox enables comparability of a specific item between all suppliers and marketplaces at the touch of a button. Each item is given its own Unique Trade Item Number – our UTIN®.

Identical products from supplier catalogs and offers from marketplaces are recognized even if they have different identification numbers or attribute formatting, for example.

The matching technology enables intelligent bundling of the purchasing volume with algorithms and ensures comparability and transparency in purchasing. Today, our UTIN® technology is already based on over 1 billion data records.