The Procuretech Trailblazers
eProcurement – simple, efficient, better

  • AI embedded
  • Intuitive UX
  • Maximum Transparency
  • Measurable Savings
  • ESG compliant
  • No IT Requirements


The Procuretech Trailblazers
eProcurement – simple, efficient, better

  • AI embedded
  • Intuitive UX
  • Maximum Transparency
  • Measurable Savings
  • ESG compliant
  • No IT Requirements


ChatCFX explained in 99 seconds

Crowdfox revolutionizes indirect purchasing with ChatCFX – the chatbot based on artificial intelligence.

Instead of catalog searches and free text orders, users have conversations with ChatCFX as if they were talking to real people. They describe their challenges. ChatCFX suggests the relevant items and helps to filter them out of your SRM system to complete the optimal order in seconds.

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Crowdfox is the intelligent Way to better Procurement


We increase the quality of the ordering process and significantly reduce costs in C-parts procurement.

Based on >1 billion data records our software assigns each item a ‘Unique Trade Item Number’ (UTIN®), which creates immediate comparability between all inventory suppliers and connected marketplaces of a company.

Crucial for user acceptance: a user interface that creates the same shopping experience in the company as when privately buying online at home. Intuitive, simple and connected to any supplier relationship management system – and, in future, supplemented by the artificial intelligence-based chatbox ChatCFX.


eProcurement that not only everyone can use, but everyone wants to use – because it is simple, because it is efficient, because it makes purchasing better.


Next-generation ordering via ChatCFX: Dialogs with the AI chatbot replace free text and catalog searches

Your item data, no matter where it is located, harmonized by our UTIN® technology (Unique Trade Item Number, based on >1 billion data records) and uniquely identifiable per item

An intuitive user interface that anyone can use immediately – and that makes B2B purchasing as easy as placing an order on Amazon

Integration of Crowdfox with ChatCFX and UTIN® into your existing systems – no additional software required


Anyone can buy: simple, fast, efficient – the software immediately creates a high level of acceptance among users, no complex change management process required

Maximum transparency – on price, quality, delivery time, ESG criteria between all existing platforms and suppliers

Higher quality in the ordering process – shorter order times, fewer order errors, minimal intervention by strategic purchasing

Measurable savings effects in processes and purchased items – because innovation must not only spark enthusiasm, but also make a contribution

No requirements – 100% compliant & can be integrable into any system


“Crowdfox has established itself as the central and standardized e-procurement solution for purchasing our consumables at BASF in Germany, seamlessly integrated into our procurement systems. Since April 2022, the solution has also been in use in selected European countries. Crowdfox simplifies and speeds up item searches. In addition to lowering the actual costs of consumables, we have also been able to significantly reduce our process costs in indirect purchasing.”

Tim Vennmann (Procurement Services Technology & Digitalization, BASF SE)


“We have structured, streamlined and automated our ordering processes for indirect C-parts. This helps our internal demand drivers to process orders efficiently and enables our purchasing team to focus on strategic activities.”

Christian Schaumann (Team Leader Strategic Procurement, Rational AG)

“The role of the CPO of the future will change dramatically.”

Chong-Ho Hwang (Hyundai Glovis Europe)

“AI – The procurement world is on the move.”                                                               .

Dr. Marcell Vollmer (CEO & digital thought leader)

“It has surprised me that no one has yet come up with the idea of launching a price comparison of this kind. From my point of view, it’s long overdue.”

Kai Nowosel (CPO, Accenture)

10.05.2024 | News

Investment Week: The end of old purchasing processes?

AI as the key to efficiency: with highly individualized adaptability to customer restrictions, a database comprising 50 million articles and chatbot 'ChatCFX'
26.04.2024 | News

Handelsblatt Start-up-Check: Crowdfox with new AI feature ChatCFX

Every search is seven minutes faster - how our SaaS solution Crowdfox optimizes your purchase with the new AI feature 'ChatCFX'.
21.02.2024 | Press

Marcell Vollmer becomes shareholder at Crowdfox

Digital and procurement thought leader Dr. Marcell Vollmer is a new shareholder at Crowdfox and will support the company as Senior Advisor.