AI Chatbot ChatCFX

erstellt am: 28.09.2023 | von: Friederike Kastl

Crowdfox-COO presents prototypes

ProcureTech thought leader Marcell Vollmer in conversation with Christoph Kunel – on a recent live demo of ChatCFX.

Digitization was the first step. AI is the really relevant milestone.


This is what your purchasing organization of the future will look like:

1.  Dialogs with an AI chatbot – intuitive user experience replaces free text and catalog search, integrated into the existing system and intuitively operated by everyone: ChatCFX

 2. Fully harmonized article data (UTIN® technology) – as a basis for ChatCFX and other AI applications in purchasing

3. Maximum transparency – on price, quality, delivery time, ESG criteria between all existing platforms and suppliers

4. Measurable savings effects in processes and purchased items – because innovation must not only spark enthusiasm, but also make a contribution


We are developing the first procurement chatbot that filters out the right items from your SRM system based on questions instead of catalog searches and free text orders – to complete the optimal order in seconds.

Watch the latest video in which Dr. Marcell Vollmer, ProcureTech mastermind and Crowdfox COO Christoph Kunel, present the latest version.